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This community is ALL NEW!

lelong is where you auction off / sell your personal stuff and get cash! you can also buy / trade!
You can also discuss about the whereabouts of second hand, cheap buys in Malaysia (ie; cash converter, flea market)
All Malaysians are invited, no matter where you're at.

some ground RULES

- no porn or anything obscene. Any posts related to porn; will be deleted.

- You have the option of auctioning the item to the highest bidder if you want, The auctioned item goes to the highest bidder when the seller decides to end the sale. Please keep your auctions organized by your own stated specific rules

- please include pictures of the things you're selling. large pictures under LJ-cut

- Only MEMBERS get to buy / sell / trade / bid. so join the community first! make sure to add us into your friends list too so that it's easier for you to be informed on updates!

- no dissing or anything that creates fights here please or i'll personally kick your cute arse out of here.

- the MOD has got NOTHING to do with monitoring / enforcing. billing, payment, delivery,..

- no spamming or you'll be banned.

- dont be stupid enough to sell these things;
* your used underwear / bikini because that's just plain sick & for hygenic purposes
* your blood, heart or anything inside of you that some crazy people might sell to get money.
* broken stuff. stuff that can't be use anymore. don't try to be a smarty pants.

Explain & show what you're selling.
Set a date for how long the auction will last and let others bid for it under 'comments'.
Then exchange email addresses and keep the details between you two.